The beautiful landscapes, breathtaking mountains, Mongolian steppes, yurts and horse riding are the essential parts of this journey. If you are looking for nature and great sceneries, then this wonderful program will take you beyond your expectations...

Faire un voyage gastronomique en Arménie c’est goûter aux plaisirs de la cuisine comme savourer les richesses de la culture locale. C’est combiner détente et apprentissage dans une ambiance familiale et amicale. 

Turkmenistan is one of Central Asia’s less-known countries, however, it is a legendary destination for its long-standing commercial record. Being privileged at the crossroads of the famous Silk Road, this country has well-preserved its mysteries and monumental works which unstoppably impress the people. Retrace with us the Turkmen's steps through this route to the innumerable treasures, which were built here and in the heart of semi-desert landscape.

Amateur of adventures? This 7-day tour will offer you an unforgettable excursion through the main sightseeing of Kyrgyzstan mountainous – the land of thousand and one wonders. Feast your eyes with the spectacular views of the highlands and turquoise lakes, which will call you to this land again and again.

Armenia - the blessed land between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea. It is in the midst of Europe and Asia. Armenia has Mount Ararat - on whose summit has landed Noah’s Ark, and it has been inhabited since the Stone Age. This country is the first and oldest Christian country in the world.

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