From Trotting to Galloping in the Mongolian Mountains

Horseback riding in Mongolia

The beautiful landscapes, breathtaking mountains, Mongolian steppes, yurts and horse riding are the essential parts of this journey. If you are looking for nature and great sceneries, then this wonderful program will take you beyond your expectations. Overnighting at nomadic families, you will travel from the capital to the north on the horseback and by car, pathing through the magnificent mountains, rivers, villages and the steppes of amazing Mongolia.



Day 1         Ulaanbaatar
Flight to Ulaanbaatar. In the next morning, we will arrive in the Mongolian Capital at 7 o'clock.

Day 2         Ulaanbaatar City Tour
At 09:00 meeting with the guide in the hotel’s reception.
In the afternoon, we will discover the capital and visit the Gandantegchinlen Monastery, whose original name of Tibetan translates to the "Great Place of Complete Joy". Later, we will visit the National History Museum, which represents an integral picture of the Mongolian history from the prehistory to present day.
Overnight at the hotel.

Day 3         Ulaanbaatar – Amarbayasgalant  
Departure to Amarbayasgalant Monastery (4.5-hour route). We will visit the center of Buddhism, which was constructed in 1736. It is an opportunity to admire the majestic Mongolian nature during the walking tour.
Overnight in the touristic yurt camp.

Day 4         Amarbayasgalant – Nariyn Khuremt – Orkhon
In the morning, preparations for a 5-hour horseback ride to the banks of Orkhon River. It borders a valley, of which landscapes and the archaeological remains have been recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Site. During the day, we will experience the tour by both car (150 km) and horse riding (25 km).
In the evening, dinner and overnight in the yurts of nomadic families.

Day 5         Orkhon – Saikhan-Ovoo
We will continue the horse riding tour (25-30 km), crossing the larches forest and small passes before arriving at Saikhan-Ovoo Village. Beautiful mountain scenic ride!
Dinner and overnight with a nomadic family.

Day 6         Saikhan-Ovoo – Zorgol Khairkhan – Gol Mod
In the morning, we will depart to Zorgol Khairkhan (1686 m), the Mongol's sacred mountain. This mountain shelters many caves and water springs, which play an important role in the richness of the area's flora and fauna (approximately 28 km). Also, while our stroll around, we will have a chance to see the local animals, such as the red deer and the mouflon. Afterwards, we will discover the aristocratic Xiongnu Necropolis of Gol Mod, which is situated at an altitude of 1600 m (28-30 km of horse riding).
Dinner and overnight with a nomadic family.

Day 7         Gol Mod – Buhun Shariin nuruu 
We will arrange a horse riding tour from Gol Mod to Mount Buhun Shariin, while admiring the vast and fascinating landscape (30-35 km of horse riding).
Upon arrival, dinner and overnight with a nomadic family.

Day 8         Buhun Shariin nuruu – Khamar Dava
The tour will continue to Khamar Dava Pass, which is situated 23 km far from our previous stop. While on the horseback, we will marvel at the beautiful view of the surrounding forests and mountains (about 25-30 km).
Dinner and overnight with a nomadic family.

Day 9         Khamar Dava – Khavchuu
Our next destination will be Khavchuu, which is situated 18 km from Khamar Dava. We will pass among splendid landscapes during our 20-25 km horse riding, which are worth photographing.
Dinner and overnight with a nomadic family.

Day 10        Khavchuu – Mungunii Khundii
Here is the Mungunii Khunii Steppe (The Silver Valley), which shelters a stone tomb dating back to the 7th century. We will have an opportunity to admire the unique nature of the sites during 20 km of horse riding.
Overnight with a nomadic family.

Day 11       Mungunii Khundii – Tahilt
The tour will continue by passing through the immense steppe of Nariin guvuu. After a horse riding tour for 30 km, we will arrive at Tahilt.
Dinner and overnight with a nomadic family.

Day 12      Tahilt – Olziit- Ogii Lake – Ulaanbaatar
The last discovery will be Olziit Village. Here, we will meet our driver, who will accompany us to Ogii Lake, situated at an altitude of 1300 m above sea level. It is an ideal place for fishing.
In the evening, return to the capital (360 km). Overnight at Kempinski Hotel.

Day 13      Return flight
Transfer to the airport. End of our services.


Price per person:

1990 €

Extra charge for single room:

240 €

Small group:

2-6 people

Included Services

  • Transport
  • • All transfers and transportation to the visiting places during the tour
  • Accompaniment
  • • English-speaking local guide
  • Accommodation, meals and drinks
  • • 12 nights (comfortable hotels, yurts)
  • • Full board (breakfast and dinner from the 2nd day of the tour to the 12th day (excluding drinks))
  • • Mineral water
  • Visits
  • • All entrance tickets
  • Travel preparation
  • • Travel documentation
  • • Visa assistance

Excluded Services

  • Flight tickets
  • • International flight


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