Wonderful Armenia
June 2017

There are destinations that one must definitely visit. Armenia is certainly one of those countries – with its extremely rich and turbulent past. Together with my wife, we were lucky enough to be given the opportunity to take part in this truly miraculous trip. The trip was wonderful, in particular due to the competence and professionalism of the guides, Ara and Alain, to whom we extend our sincerest thanks. We wish that this beautiful country live in perfect joy and that it prosper economically.

Philipe et Anny Lavey, UK

Combined tour
September 2018

We enjoyed our trip to Georgia and Armenia a lot. Couldn’t imagine BEFORE what those countries have to offer culturally and historically to its travellers. The tours were very informative. Highly recommend.

Mike Shakerjian, Lebanon

Discovering Ararat
June 2019

Armenia is magnificent and underrated country with varied landscapes, in particular very beautiful mountain ranges. Most of it is accessible from the capital Erevan.

Julia Sniezko, Poland

Family trip to Armenia
June 2019

Booked a trip a year before the departure date and it couldn’t have been better. Our booking manager Narine planned our trip well in advance and introduced us to the main sites. We felt very close to the country and our kids loved the cuisine and entertainment. Our guide-driver Armen was very knowledgeable and polite. Thank you one more time for your spotless work.

Karen Mattu, Belgium

Spaniards in the Caucasus
July 2018

Barev :) We took with us the warmest memories from Armenia, plus basturma and sujuk. The trip was amazing, people generous and funny. Do not miss the opportunity to go to the regions of Armenia and taste the organic food and specialities. Our family fell in love with nature and the landscapes. Definitely will be back in a couple of years. All the best to AraTours.

Montse Wagner, Spain

Coming home
September 2019

A very long dream of mine to visit our homeland has become a reality. Raised in an Armenian family it has been my dream to see the country with my eyes and embrace it. It took me 14 days to fully emerge into its language, people, food and nature. Now I understand myself better, I am closer to my roots. The monuments were spectacular and inspiring with the centuries-long traditions. The manuscripts in Matendaran were another adventure to experience. The trip was rich in activities and I was never bored or tired. A huge thank you to the driver for his patience and time and all Aratours team. See you!

Diane Mikayelian, France

Fabulous Armenia
May 2018

The country, the people and the services were fabulous. Already recommended the tour to my friends and colleagues. Good luck in your business!

John Blondell, USA

Thank you, Armenia, for the memories
August 2019

I fully enjoyed the trip to Armenia. The guide Arev and driver Aram took care of us and showed the beauty of the place. Hope more people will discover Armenia in the coming years.

Michael Leo, Australia

Heaven on earth in Caucasus
June 2018

Sunrise in Khor Virap and with a wine excursion in Areni - there is nothing better than it. My family and I enjoyed a 10-day trip to Georgia and Armenia. The mountains were impressive, I had a feeling we were in the end of the world. The region is a must see for all real travellers.

Polina Enden, Poland

Magical place
October 2019

What a beautiful place, the history and locals. The food was very tasty, vegetables with the taste of the Sun. Garni and Geghard were amazing. We also took part in a lavash baking master class in one of the villages, it was very interesting. Armenian people managed to keep their traditions and rituals regardless of the historical challenges. I am happy to discover this country, after so many recommendations from my Armenian friends. Aratours organised everything perfectly on their side. Recommend.

Judy Gallen, France

Highly recommend
March 2019

Good relation of quality and price. The trip was worth the time and energy. I am totally charged with the mountains and the atmosphere. Thank you Armenia. Arajzhm!

Justin Szu, Switzerland

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