The language, alphabet and the church stood altogether to create a strong bond that united Armenians worldwide. Throughout the centuries, before gaining their own state, the Church held the nation together, by calling for unity and promoting the Armenian culture...

This journey will give you the opportunity to discover two ancient civilizations, which have their unique culture and special traditions: wine, gastronomy, architecture, music and dance. A real pleasure is ensured during the exploration of these two timeworn countries.

Delve into one of the fascinating legendary routes in the history, which enchanted the human being for several generations. This Dayney is designed to introduce you the cultural and historical gems of each country, through the wealthy capitals and many other cities with unique monuments and museums, as well as the opportunity of admiring the breathtaking landscapes of these countries. Take the chance to immerse yourself in this charming discovery and vivid the impressions of the first explorers.

Follow in the footsteps of European oldest civilizations and take pleasure in discovering the unique and incomparable culture of Central Asian countries during two weeks. Tajikistan is a mountainous country with numerous villages, lakes and incredibly preserved archaeological sites...

Delve into one of the most legendary routes in the history, which enchanted people for several generations! This tour is an exclusive opportunity to have a specific overview of those countries’ culture and history, during our visits to them.

Viticulture is an ancient tradition of more than 3000 years in Armenia and Georgia, which considers as an essential part of the historical patrimony. For many generations, the traditions and modernity were harmoniously combined and offered exquisite wines that delight all tastes.

This roundtrip will take you through the legendary and picturesque sites of Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. The fascinating sceneries, historic-cultural monuments, exceptional traditions and interactions with the locals will grant you to extensive discoveries of these two countries.

Between Biblical Ararat and the legendary Kazbeg extend Armenia and Georgia: two ancient civilizations that are at the source of a rich culture and remarkable traditions.

This is a unique experience to grant you the opportunity of discovering the popular places in Uzbekistan and the fascinating landscapes of Kyrgyzstan. You will explore the history, culture, traditions and the architecture of these countries throughout the Dayney.

Wine culture in Armenia and Georgia is an old tradition of more than 3,000 years and is part of the historical heritage. Harmoniously combined traditions and modernity handed over from generation to generation and today we offer you exquisite wines that will delight your taste buds.

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