Tbilisi, Georgia

Tbilisi - the capital of Georgia is situated in the heart of the Caucasus, on the crossroads of the Great Silk Road, where Asia meets Europe. Being founded in the 5th century, made it a unique and original city, by combining old and new traditions at the same time. Whereas, it considers a major center of cultural diversity and international trade since the ancient times. Besides, the Georgian capital was mentioned by the famous Italian explorer Marco Polo, and many other cartographers after him.


The history of Tbilisi’s foundation, as well as its name is connected with the hot springs, which comes out from the heart of the earth. The very name derives from the word “Tbili” which translates to “warm” in Old Georgian. On the northeastern slopes of Mtabori Mountain, up to 46.5 °C hot carbonated sulfurous spring water bubbles up, during the long centuries it has been used in the bathhouses as healthy sources.

Located on the banks of Kura River (“Mtkvari” in Georgian) in the south-east of the country, Tbilisi is a famous tourism destination. The Old Town is home to several churches with beautiful frescoes, such as Sioni Cathedral, which was named after the Mount Zion in Jerusalem and dedicated to the Mother of God. This Cathedral dates back to the 5th century and retains the skull of St. Thomas the Apostle.

There are a great number of museums and theatres in Tbilisi, in which a wealth of cultural interesting events take place. Also, here, you can find a valuable icon collection and admire the porcelain exhibition in the Georgian National Museum.

The world-famous Silk Road once passed through the Old Town, the pieces of evidence may still be noticed in the well-maintained caravanserais. You can spend an enjoyable time strolling through the cobblestone streets while having a look on the houses with overhanging carved balconies, which are made from wood. The magnificent view over the Old Town unfolds from Narikala - the ruins of the 4th-century fortress. The city itself is marvelous, especially with its colors and shapes.

Tbilisi is the heart of Georgia and has more to tell and show us with its rich and old history. The culture and traditions of the country have been developed during the centuries. Even now, just by walking through the narrow streets, you can feel the ancientness, which makes the city unique.

During a city tour in Tbilisi, you will have the chance to get acquainted with the Georgian architecture, the local lifestyle and traditions of the country. You will be astonished by the breathtaking scenery of the colorful and original houses, which are located side by side, and one on the other. The sweet-sounding Georgian folk music can be heard in the streets while passing by the nice shops and cafes on Rustaveli Avenue. Next, you can cross the Peace Bridge on the Kura River to reach the Metekhi Church. The diversity of cultures, religions, among others makes the city a colorful paradise, where the life is different.

As your local travel agency and local guide, we are always glad to show you the treasures of our city in order to make your trip memorable in Tbilisi. Thus, for any kind of services in Georgia, we will be at your disposal, as we know the singularity of our country.

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