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Armenia is the first Christian country in the world, a paradise nestled in the majestic mountains, dominated by the biblical Mount Ararat. It is a small piece of land which is proud of its rich historical and cultural heritage. Thanks to its timeless ancient manuscripts, unparalleled architectural gems, and unique language, it has been able to rise from the ashes and preserve its identity, culture and traditions, despite its turbulent history.



Georgia is a land of exception that has preserved its authenticity for millennia. It is indeed a natural paradise. With the imposing mountains of the Caucasus, this mythical and mysterious land is a fascinating blend of Eastern and Western cultures. Let yourself be guided by its trails that will take you into the heart of nature as you never imagined!



Kazakhstan is a perfect destination for lovers of wild and untouched nature. The "country of apples", this piece of land is a witness of a combination of Eastern and Western traditions with which modernity has been preserved. The sites not to be missed are the Altyn-Emel National Park, the Kolsay Lakes, the Charyn Canyon and the symbol of modernity: the capital of Astana with its sumptuous monuments.



The Issyk-Kul Lake, the Ala Archa canyon, the Tian Shan massif offer many opportunities to stay in unexplored areas. Beyond these natural wonders, it offers plenty of opportunities to spend several days hiking in pristine areas, to experience authentic encounters with the nomads living here and to enjoy their warm hospitality.



Land of contrasts - impassable deserts and pastures, skyscrapers and nomads with age-old customs. Situated between central, northern and eastern Asia, Mongolia is the second largest landlocked country in the world in terms of area. The largest empire in the history, the kingdom of the world ruler Genghis Khan, with its impressive landscapes, vast deserts, steppes, with the breath of Tibet make it an adventurous destination. Horse-riding, hiking, finding peace in the untouched nature, staying in yurts and sharing nomadic life in harmony with nature.



Immerse yourself in the discovery of divine lands of Tajikistan. From arid canyons to cedar forests to a multitude of turquoise lakes, this country enjoys indescribable beauty. Take the time to listen to the silence that resonates as a call for inner peace, within a resplendent nature. From the Pamir mountains to the museum city of Istaravchan, you will feel a unique joy of sharing this trip with us.



Are you looking for adventures? So this country is for you! Mysterious by its region, the Karakum desert, the famous crater of Darvaza and the historical and cultural sites of Nisa or Merv, Turkmenistan is one of the destinations of the famous Silk Road that is worth visiting. Come closer to the legendary country and experience your personal fairy tale from “One Thousand and One Nights”.



Come along to follow the paths of nomads and merchants and discover oasis towns that once served as travel destinations, leading to prosperity and wealth. Throughout the "Silk Road", let yourself be charmed by these fables and legends with multiple horizons, which will open the doors of history!

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