The language, alphabet and the church stood altogether to create a strong bond that united Armenians worldwide. Throughout the centuries, before gaining their own state, the Church held the nation together, by calling for unity and promoting the Armenian culture...

This journey will give you the opportunity to discover two ancient civilizations, which have their unique culture and special traditions: wine, gastronomy, architecture, music and dance. A real pleasure is ensured during the exploration of these two timeworn countries.

Each year we organise an unforgettable trip to Armenia, which offers you a unique opportunity to celebrate the Holy Easter Week in the oldest Christian country in the world. Also, during this trip, you will delve deeper into the origins of the Armenian nation and its history.

Armenia is best known for its historical and cultural heritage. But this land also has natural treasures of breathtaking beauty and diversity. On this eco-trip, we will take you to a varied tour, where you will unfold the beautiful landscapes of northern Armenia.

ARATOURS gladly invites you to join the discoveries of the fabulous natural and cultural sites of southern Armenia.

Unbelievable, but it is a real fact: I am soon becoming 2800 years old. On this occasion, I will cordially invite you to be my guests and join in this celebration. Even those who do not know me yet, are warmly invited. Together with your participation in my birthday, you will give me the greatest present ever. Conversely, I promise you an interesting and relaxing holiday with my hospitable people.


Farms in Armenia are small paradises of loving traditions and customs, with their own flavor, dialect and with warm-hearted, generous people who gladly host the travelers.

We invite you to discover the colorful culinary traditions, the unique atmosphere of our regions and to pamper your palate with traditional specialties. 

On this hiking tour, you will discover a part of Armenia woven as a colorful carpet of proud mountains, mountain lakes and meadows, colorful flowers and of course cultural treasures. The majestic Mount Aragats, part of the Little Caucasus range, and the magnificent Geghama mountain range with Mount Azhdahak are the highlights of this exciting Dayney.

This varied riding tour will grant you a unique opportunity to reveal splendid natural panoramas of Selim Pass, the volcanic mountain of Armaghan, the spectacular landscapes of Geghama Mountains, the beautiful plateau of Argichi with its river, the unique, crystal-clear Lake Sevan.

Armenia warmly invites you to brief but a colourful discovery of its highlights during a delightful one week. This trip will gift you joyful charming landscapes of the vast plains and rugged mountains, up to the breathtaking view of the majestic Mount Ararat. Also, you will experience the hospitality and kindness of the Armenians.․․

Armenia is the homeland of one of the oldest people of the East, an original and brilliant civilization. It has a history, a language and a culture of three thousand years old. In 301, the Christian faith was proclaimed as a state religion in Armenia.

Armenia - the blessed land between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea. It is in the midst of Europe and Asia. Armenia has Mount Ararat - on whose summit has landed Noah’s Ark, and it has been inhabited since the Stone Age. This country is the first and oldest Christian country in the world.

Discover Armenia, one of the cradles of civilizations ...
Armenia, it is not a well-known country, both geologically and economically. However, its history, language and culture are dating back to thousands of years. The sites of Metsamor and Karahunj will allow you to understand how this land has welcomed the first blacksmiths and the first astronomers of the planet.․․

Do you want to go hiking? Would you like to experience an exciting journey through the turbulent history and geology of the Armenian Plateau or admire the craters of ancient volcanoes, and visit an observatory 7000 years old? Then our travel agency is there for all mountaineers and those who want to create beautiful memories in the Armenian mountain landscapes.

Viticulture is an ancient tradition of more than 3000 years in Armenia and Georgia, which considers as an essential part of the historical patrimony. For many generations, the traditions and modernity were harmoniously combined and offered exquisite wines that delight all tastes.

Between Biblical Ararat and the legendary Kazbeg extend Armenia and Georgia: two ancient civilizations that are at the source of a rich culture and remarkable traditions.

Wine culture in Armenia and Georgia is an old tradition of more than 3,000 years and is part of the historical heritage. Harmoniously combined traditions and modernity handed over from generation to generation and today we offer you exquisite wines that will delight your taste buds.

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