Between Tradition and Modernity

Do you wish for modernity? Then this tour from Astana to Almaty will enchant you. Though Kazakhstan was historically the land of nomads, including the Mongols in the 13th century, however, nowadays it is economically one of the most important countries in Central Asia.

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Describe me Tajikistan

Uncover the secrets of Tajikistan in a 19-day trip! It is an excellent choice to visit the best places and the most beautiful landscapes. During which you will explore the wonderful destinations from Dushanbe to Osh while passing through the Pamir Mountains on the way…Come and discover a country which is home to thousands of splendors.

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Kyrgyzstan Tajikistan

Easter in Armenia

Each year we organise an unforgettable trip to Armenia, which offers you a unique opportunity to celebrate the Holy Easter Week in the oldest Christian country in the world. Also, during this trip, you will delve deeper into the origins of the Armenian nation and its history.

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Bike tour in Kakheti

Kakheti is a naturally stunning location for bike tours in Georgia. This experience will give you high impressions, whether you are an experienced or beginner cyclist. Unforgettable moments will be guaranteed during the 8 days in the heart of traditional and typical wine-growing Region of Kakheti. In the course of the cycling tour, you will pass through picturesque villages, ancient historic sites, stunning sceneries of mountains and rivers.

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Different Uzbekistan

You will discover Uzbekistan as you have never seen it before! This program will give you the opportunity to explore the rich historical and cultural heritage of the country. Also, you will participate in the daily life of the local people, take part in the preparation of different national dishes, as well as taste the Uzbek wines. Besides, many other activities will take place during this well-organized trip.

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Eco-Tour in the North of Armenia

Armenia is best known for its historical and cultural heritage. But this land also has natural treasures of breathtaking beauty and diversity. On this eco-trip, we will take you to a varied tour, where you will unfold the beautiful landscapes of northern Armenia.

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Armenia Eco Tour EN

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