This journey will give you the opportunity to discover two ancient civilizations, which have their unique culture and special traditions: wine, gastronomy, architecture, music and dance. A real pleasure is ensured during the exploration of these two timeworn countries.

Kakheti is a naturally stunning location for bike tours in Georgia. This experience will give you high impressions, whether you are an experienced or beginner cyclist. Unforgettable moments will be guaranteed during the 8 days in the heart of traditional and typical wine-growing Region of Kakheti. In the course of the cycling tour, you will pass through picturesque villages, ancient historic sites, stunning sceneries of mountains and rivers.

Would you like to know more about Georgia? So, this trip is surely for you. Old towns and new towns, monasteries and fortresses, villages, mountainous landscapes, and of course Georgian cuisine accompanied by Georgian wine: this is a chain of cultural heritage that will make your journey varied and rewarding. Take your time and dedicate an unforgettable week to our beautiful country.

Travel to Georgia, where the unforgettable impressions and sensations are guaranteed during the discovery of its unique and exceptional landscape. During this trip, you will cover many cultural monuments in order to get closer acquaintance with the Georgian ancient sites. Additionally, we will visit the most remote villages from Tbilisi while passing through wonderful semi-desert regions.

Viticulture is an ancient tradition of more than 3000 years in Armenia and Georgia, which considers as an essential part of the historical patrimony. For many generations, the traditions and modernity were harmoniously combined and offered exquisite wines that delight all tastes.

Georgia: Land of legends, imposing landscapes of mountains and steep gorges. A paradise that inspires everyone. Get ready for a Dayney that will open the seven wonders of Georgia and give your life new colors.

During this tour, we will discover Kakheti - the main wine region of Georgia. It is considered the center of viticulture and winemaking. The production and development of about 500 types of wine, which are the result of the sunny weather, fertile lands, green valleys of this region and surely the hard work of Georgian farmers.


This tour is a special offer for the amateurs of hiking. During this journey, we will see the forests and Alpine meadows of the Caucasus by passing through Bebris Tsikhe and Chaukhi Pass.

Between Biblical Ararat and the legendary Kazbeg extend Armenia and Georgia: two ancient civilizations that are at the source of a rich culture and remarkable traditions.

Wine culture in Armenia and Georgia is an old tradition of more than 3,000 years and is part of the historical heritage. Harmoniously combined traditions and modernity handed over from generation to generation and today we offer you exquisite wines that will delight your taste buds.

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