Uncover the secrets of Tajikistan in a 19-day trip! It is an excellent choice to visit the best places and the most beautiful landscapes. During which you will explore the wonderful destinations from Dushanbe to Osh while passing through the Pamir Mountains on the way…Come and discover a country which is home to thousands of splendors.

This 4-day trip is short but quite significant to discover the history of Tajikistan. It consists of four steps, four eternal places, four ways to comprehend the past and the present of this country. Travelling from Dushanbe to Khujand and passing by Nurek Lake, you will have an ideal round trip to discover the essential destinations of this country.

Follow in the footsteps of European oldest civilizations and take pleasure in discovering the unique and incomparable culture of Central Asian countries during two weeks. Tajikistan is a mountainous country with numerous villages, lakes and incredibly preserved archaeological sites...

Delve into one of the most legendary routes in the history, which enchanted people for several generations! This tour is an exclusive opportunity to have a specific overview of those countries’ culture and history, during our visits to them.

The route of our journey is to Tajikistan while starting from Osh City in Kyrgyzstan. This Grand Tour will take us into extraordinary villages, that have many beautiful sights which will let us completely speechless. Also, we will get the chance to admire the wideness of the Pamir Mountains, as well as a harmonious combination of the history and nature.

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