Turkmenistan is one of Central Asia’s less-known countries, however, it is a legendary destination for its long-standing commercial record. Being privileged at the crossroads of the famous Silk Road, this country has well-preserved its mysteries and monumental works which unstoppably impress the people. Retrace with us the Turkmen's steps through this route to the innumerable treasures, which were built here and in the heart of semi-desert landscape.

Delve into one of the fascinating legendary routes in the history, which enchanted the human being for several generations. This Dayney is designed to introduce you the cultural and historical gems of each country, through the wealthy capitals and many other cities with unique monuments and museums, as well as the opportunity of admiring the breathtaking landscapes of these countries. Take the chance to immerse yourself in this charming discovery and vivid the impressions of the first explorers.

Delve into one of the most legendary routes in the history, which enchanted people for several generations! This tour is an exclusive opportunity to have a specific overview of those countries’ culture and history, during our visits to them.

This unique trip is organized specially to let you delve deep into the mysteries of the deserts’ homeland and discover Turkmenistan totally in a different way. Apart from the visits to the capital and the famous Darvaza gas crater, you will also discover the wonders, which are extended not far from the Caspian coasts, such as the magnificent Yangykala Canyon, the Kopet Dag Mountain Chain, the Dehistan Archaeological Site and many others.

This roundtrip will take you through the legendary and picturesque sites of Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. The fascinating sceneries, historic-cultural monuments, exceptional traditions and interactions with the locals will grant you to extensive discoveries of these two countries.

This round trip is a unique opportunity to discover mysterious Turkmenistan in less than a week. During which you will explore the Capital of Ashgabat with its magnificent surroundings, as well as the “Gates of Hell” - Darvaza gas crater. By joining this exceptional program, you will have a chance to recognize the variety of culture and history, the desert landscape and daily life in this country. Welcome to Turkmenistan!

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